Wo-Men in Balance Focus

Attractiveness, charisma and fulfillment are based on a mix of indulgence and relaxation, healthy nutrition, wellness and balance of soul life.

And that is exactly what men are lacking today. Too many environmental burdens, high demands in job and private life. Too many duties coupled with wrong nutrition and too little compensation.

Burnout, mental health problems, libido loss and sleep disorders are just a few examples of men’s problems.

Because you should be worth your manhood.

Of course, more balance in life requires more time for yourself. In addition, the question comes, what makes the man actually!

Muscle building, movement and effort such. Sport or real “men’s work” would be a start, because intensive training stimulates the production of growth hormones and testosterone. Those who train not only effectively build their muscles, but also improve the condition of their entire body and psyche.

According to our motto “Wo-Men in Balance”, we have also developed a cream for men: “Focus