Natural family planning

From contraception to wanting a family


Do you know on which days of the month you are fertile?

With the basal thermometer you can find out effortlessly. The more you learn about your own body, the more fun it is to deal with it. Because the body awareness increases and all this naturally.

But a large part of women swallow a small pill every morning and some often do not know why they suddenly become unfocused, moody, gain weight, feel tired and flabby, get psychological problems and are somehow full beside themselves. More and more women become more critical and read the package insert with all the possible side effects.

Who would not like to do without what is to be read there?

With us you can talk about it and we have implemented long-tested solutions into the modern age.

The basal thermometer makes the reliable temperature measurement the easiest exercise.

Wann bin ich fruchtbar, zu welcher Zeit im Zyklus verändert sich etwas in mir? Wie kann ich die kleinen, manchmal sehr feinen Signale erkennen und deuten?

Der Zyklus bei den meisten Frauen ist schwankend, er kann zwischen 25 und 35 Tagen liegen. Somit ist der 28-Tage-Zyklus ein Mythos. Ich muss meinen Körper also gut kennen und beobachten, um zu wissen, wann meine fruchtbaren und wann meine unfruchtbaren Tage sind. Doch einige Signale des Körpers geben Aufschluss darüber, in welcher Zyklusphase sich der Körper gerade befindet. Die Körpertemperatur , der Zervixschleim (Schleim im Gebärmutterhals) und die Beschaffenheit des Muttermundes sind die drei entscheidenden Faktoren, um die eigene Fruchtbarkeit einschätzen zu können.

With our basal thermometer with app, the Femometer, the morning temperature measurements are recorded directly digitally.
With further observations, which are entered directly manually in addition, a contraception of up to 99% can be achieved.

One of these further signals is the cervical mucus. If this is glassy and stretchy in the vagina, it is an indication of the fertile phase. The closer to ovulation, the more cervical mucus is produced. If it is more white, sticky and non-stretchy, it is the infertile period.

In addition, the cervix changes. Opened and soft, it indicates fertility and closes in the infertile time.

Our femometer is a purchase for life and gives new quality of life at an unbeatable price-performance ratio.

Not only we are convinced of the Femometer. Franziska G. has tested the Femometer and another basal thermometer and reported about it. In addition, we are the comparison winner at

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Now there are period cups!

No more tampons or bandages

Divine Cup

Every year, approximately 45 billion pads and tampons are used worldwide. Most of them, of course, as disposable products. Often additionally packed in plastic, these end up in the residual waste or worse in the drain or in nature. Sustainability looks different. That’s why we now have our period cups!

The menstrual cup is an environmentally friendly monthly hygiene product for women that can be reused for up to 10 years. It is a cup-like receptacle made of soft, medical-grade silicone. The receptacle is inserted into the vagina to collect menstrual blood directly at the cervix.


Tampons also dry out the vagina and can attack the vaginal flora. Therefore, the menstrual cup is a great relief especially for women who often suffer from fungi, allergies or infections. The cup creates a vacuum in the body that seals and prevents germs from entering your body during your period. The blood is simply collected gently. The blood therefore also does not come into contact with sweat or air, which leads to an unpleasant odour with many synthetic tampons or pads.
You can also feel safe in the swimming pool or sauna with the menstrual cup. The menstrual cup remains invisible. Even doing sports is no problem – the cup adapts to your body and keeps perfectly tight.
And not only the environment, but also our wallet is burdened by the cost of many tampons or pads. With the menstrual cup, that’s over too. With a one-time purchase cost of now only 15 euros, the cup lasts up to 10 years with good care and makes further expenditure on disposable products unnecessary.
It takes a little practice to get the hang of it. But after that, the menstrual cup has only advantages. And while it may be disconcerting to see your own blood at first, that’s also the key benefit for us at Vital-life. Because only in this way we get to know our body better, can estimate what amount of blood we really lose (as much as you think, it is not at all) and do something good for our body without burdening it with chemicals.



  • hygienic alternative to tampons and pads
  • one-time purchase costs
  • cheap alternative to tampons
  • reusable
  • durability up to 10 years
  • easy cleaning
  • does not dry out the vagina like tampons
  • medical silicone
  • small and flexible – also practical for travel and sports!
  • discreet alternative, also for sauna and swimming pool stays
  • made in Germany