Rhythm and lifestyle

Do you know your own personal rhythm?

Do you also feel that stress no longer simply passes you by? Is your energy getting less and the challenges more and more?

Regular meals, reducing the pace, more feel-good times and finally thinking about your own desires again to achieve a better quality of life and satisfaction. That is a good start.

The natural rhythm of life is determined by day and night phases. Therefore, you should go to bed around 10 – 11 p.m. and get in the mood for sleep early with relaxing habits.

It is very helpful to avoid blue light from the PC, mobile phone or TV one hour before going to bed. Instead, it is good to read something relaxing, perhaps take a lukewarm foot bath or drink a mild herbal tea.

The following organ clock, based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), describes the working and resting phases of the organs, as these are also subject to a regular rhythm.

A rest period at midday can be various things, such as a short nap, a relaxing walk or getting some fresh air in a cosy place in nature. All of these things help you to find peace and quiet again.

Think about a rhythmic week:
Set clear working hours where you can be productive. Make sure you have enough
Make sure you have enough time off when you are “offline” and not available. 
Make time for private activities, e.g. playing with the children, running, cycling, gardening or similar.
And don’t forget your own personal time to pursue your interests.
Decide when you will go to bed.

We are not made for constant stress. At some point, the body system goes on strike, leading to irritability and bad moods, weight gain, depression, burn-out, and much more.

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