Relaxed letting go

Relaxed letting go - a good euphemism for cleansing our body. To stay calm in the process, it is important to regularly support our body in relieving itself. Figuratively speaking: "Emptying the rubbish bin so that there is room for something new again".

Our organism is exposed to many pollutants. Exhaust fumes and fine dust pollute the air, vegetables and fruit may contain residues of heavy metals or pesticides. Food and cleaning products as well as cosmetics contain preservatives, fragrances, dyes and many other additives. In addition, we often have a lot of stress, eat an unhealthy diet, consume alcohol or cigarettes and exercise too little. Also mold toxins, chemicals in textiles (clothing, carpets) or drugs must be eliminated from the body.

Our body has a sophisticated system to get rid of toxins. In our body, the elimination of harmful substances takes place mainly through the liver and kidney, but the gall bladder, intestines, skin, lungs and lymphatic system are also involved. The liver plays the central role in this process. It breaks down harmful metabolic products or pollutants supplied from outside, converts them into non-toxic substances, makes them water-soluble and feeds them to the excretion via the urethra or the intestine.

We can do a lot to help our body successfully master this task.

We would like to start from the inside, with the intestines. Together with its countless nerve cells and neurons, as well as an incredible number of bacteria, germs and hormone receptors, it is one of the centres of our existence.

The latest findings show that more information flows from the gut brain to the head brain than vice versa:

Our intestine - the centre of our health and a misunderstood organ

The intestinal flora has a significant impact on our health. Because the bacteria that live in it are our closest allies. In order for them to reliably fulfill their function, we need to keep them happy by nourishing them well.

If not enough good bacteria, i.e. the appropriate “little helpers”, are settled in the intestine, we notice this in our weak immune system. The following symptoms can tell us that our intestinal flora is disturbed:

darm bakterien unter lupe

Feeling of fullness
Stomach cramps
Weight gain
Loss of power
mental exhaustion
extreme winds

The intestine - our second brain

We can have gut feelings, anger or still butterflies in the stomach and sometimes something hits us in the stomach. Who does not know these phrases? In fact, it is now proven that these expressions are more than just phrases.

More than 100 million nerve cells are found in the gut. This second brain is on par with the head brain and does amazing work every day.

In alternative healing methods, the body is always considered holistically. A healthy intestinal flora supports and stimulates the defense system in the intestine and throughout the body. The intestinal flora also controls the breakdown of fat cells, the burning of calories, and inhibits the build-up of fat.

Furthermore, psyche and intestinal health play an interacting game. Stress can have a negative effect on gut flora, and in turn, disturbed gut flora can cause anxiety and depression. All this is taken into account in the naturopathic therapy.


We are not aware of the messages that the gut sends to the brain. Yet they can significantly influence our behavior, indeed in some ways bacteria manipulate our eating habits.

They can control our preferences for certain foods and command our brain what to eat. If we predominantly feed the harmful bacteria by eating fast sugars like light carbs, too much meat, sweet drinks, too much alcohol and many more, then they are the ones who influence our eating habits. A vicious circle.

But on the other hand, if we feed the good bacteria with vegetables, fresh herbs, seasonal fruits and the like, then they get the upper hand and help us in our thinking and doing.

darm hirn kreislauf

Inseparable: Hormones and intestine

  • The intestine is the largest “endocrine” organ. (Production of juices such as bile, saliva, gastric juices, but also hormones: gastrin, histamine, norepinephrine, etc.)
  • People with a sick intestine often have psychological problems such as depression.
  • When hormonal imbalance can come to the colonization of the intestine, but also the intimate area, with unwanted bacteria.

Many other ailments such as constipation, flatulence, etc. can be related to an attacked intestinal flora.

This is why we recommend including the care of the intestinal flora in every build-up.

The intestine and hormones

Hormone system and gut function influence each other.

Some hormones are produced in the gut such as the happiness hormones serotonin and dopamine, as well as the sleep hormone melatonin.

Research shows that the gut environment is involved in regulating estrogen levels and thus also influences the risk of hormone-related disease.

80% of my patients lack healthy intestinal colonisation. In my practice, ProColon is indispensable. I use it as a basic treatment, but also as a supportive immune booster and achieve extreme improvements.
Margot S.-D.

Alkaline Bath

frau entspannt in der badewanne

Submerge yourself in a full alkaline bath and “unload” your inner tensions.

The growing life in the womb makes us the natural, gentle body care. This should be as alkaline as the amniotic fluid of the expectant mother, which ideally has an alkaline ph-value of 8-8.5.

Next to the intestines, kidneys and lungs, the skin also participates in the important task of cleansing the body.

Through the sweat glands, acids and body wastes are excreted. For this reason, the skin is also called the “3rd kidney”.

Basic applications can support the skin functions. Deposits on the skin are neutralized and the skin is thoroughly cleansed. In addition, a so-called osmotic pressure is created between the body fluids and the alkaline bath water, which supports the excretory function of the skin. An alkaline bath is a very special experience. Tension is relieved, the soul can relax and the skin feels particularly supple and soft afterwards. Not only is it cleansed, but its natural sebum production is also stimulated, so that you have the feeling that you can do without any body lotion.

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