Mind Reset Spray

For better sleep

Mind Reset Spray

This special elixir as a mouth spray with special spagyric essences, should help to promote sleep and to put our pineal gland back on “reception”. For more personal well-being, for a present immune system, for more inner strength and self-confidence. For more good energies and inner peace.

Spagyric essences are essential components of our products, as they act simultaneously on all levels – spiritual, mental and physical. They strengthen the body’s own energies and stimulate self-healing.


In the evening before bedtime, three to four sprays atomize into the mouth


Spagyric essences from: Greek. Mountain herb, pepper, ginseng, passion flower, taiga root, rosemary,
vine rue, as well as extract of ashwaganda.


In the tradition of spagyric essences one speaks of plant messages

Ginseng – Message: I strengthen your mental and physical forces, promote brain activity and calm you when your nerves are on edge.

Rosemary – Message: I connect you with the sun and give you a sense of security. Where I am, darkness has no place.

Taiga Root – Message: I give you magical powers and structure on all levels

Vine Rue – Message: I erase all that is burdensome and reprogram you for a positive destiny.

Ashwagandha is one of the most significant medicinal plants in Ayurveda. It is traditionally used as a sedative for stress-related sleep disorders or to strengthen the thyroid gland. However, it is also used to improve brain performance and elevate mood and is one of the adaptogens.

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