Mind Reset

For a balanced, satisfied and creative life

Mind Reset

We at Vital-Life would like to offer you support. Our Mind Reset stands for a present immune system, for inner strength and self-confidence, more personal light and well-being.

In the conviction that especially the subtle burdens and poisonings cause great damage to spirit (mind) and soul, we have developed a product that is not only balm for the soul, but also to put our pineal gland back on “reception”. This way we can receive more good energies and rest better within ourselves. For this purpose, we have incorporated special spagyric essences into a German organic honey, which can adjust the pituitary and pineal glands – and subsequently our entire glandular cascade.

Spagyric essences are essential components of our products because they work simultaneously on three levels – spiritual, mental and physical. They strengthen the body’s own energies and stimulate self-healing. The psyche is brightened, the spirit is liberated and uplifted and the person can reorientate himself.

In order to obtain the best possible effect, we would like to encourage you to become active yourself for a better connection and care of the pineal gland. We recommend yoga, qigong, tai chi or similar forms of training, mental training with concentration on the third eye, inner journeys and walks in nature.

Application: In the evening before going to bed, let one level teaspoon either melt pure on the tongue or stir into lukewarm tea. Start with a small dosage and listen to yourself.

Ingredients: Robinia honey from a German beekeeper who still cares for his bees naturally and uses the nectar and pollen of wild plants. The following spagyric essences are incorporated into this honey: Greek mountain herb, pepper, ginseng, passion flower, taiga root, rosemary, rue.