Magic Yams

Magic Yams – the key to more ease and attractiveness

Traditionally, the wild yams in South America are very popular in daily use. Perhaps the plump feeling of life of the South Americans results from a well-supplied hormone balance in this way.

In the meantime also appreciated in Europe, the yam root is particularly gladly used transdermally as a cream. The velvety skin cream from the “Wo-Men in Balance” product line with its unique formulation based on wild yam root has thrilled many users in recent years.

Yams root extract and spagyric essences from the yam root as well as other carefully selected and coordinated natural ingredients are able to give women and men in the prime of life a new feeling of life and make balance and harmony more tangible.

Natural Hormonal Balance

Health-conscious people think and act pro-actively: they recognize that their own health is the highest good that they need to take care of themselves, no one takes them off. It is an essential part of self-determined life.

When we speak and write about balance, we do not just mean a modern word, it is a true key, a master key: Whatever it is about in our health, it always has two sides that are by no means mutually exclusive, but complementary, which must be in balance. Example:

– the balance of work and life, public and private existence

– the balance of income and expenditure for healthy economies

– the balance of self-care and turning to the other

– the balance of activity and sleep, tension and relaxation

– the balance of male and female (hormones)