Magic Yams

The key to more ease

Magic Yams

Traditionally, the wild yam is very popular in South America in the daily use. Possibly the plump attitude to life of the South Americans results from a hormone balance that is well supplied in this way.

In Europe, meanwhile, equally appreciated, the yam root is particularly popular as a transdermal cream. The velvety skin cream from the product line “Wo-Men in Balance” with its unique composition based on wild yam has inspired many users in recent years.

Yam root extract and spagyric essences from the yam root as well as other carefully selected and coordinated natural ingredients are able to give women and men in the prime of life a new attitude to life and let balance and harmony become more noticeable.


Natural Hormonal Balance

Health-conscious people think and act pro-actively: they recognise that their own health is the highest good, which they have to take care of on their own responsibility. No one takes that away from them. It’s an essential part of living a self-determined life.

When we talk and write about “balance,” we don’t just mean a modern word. It is a regular key, a master key: whatever our health is about, it always has two sides. These are not mutually exclusive, but complementary and should be in balance.

We need this balance in many areas such as:

  • Work and private life, public and private existence
  • Income and expenditure for healthy management
  • Self-care and turning to others
  • Activity and sleep, tension and relaxation
  • Male and female (hormones)

How to use the Magic Yams cream:

Women apply 5 strokes of the yam cream twice daily. Tender individuals are recommended 3 strokes. During the period can be paused. Men dose once a day 5 strokes. Areas with fine skin and fat deposits, such as the inner side of the upper arms, the stomach and the inner side of the thighs, have proven to be effective. Each day, alternate creams on one of these areas.

Ingredients: Water, yam extract, mixture of vegetable oils (organic), jojoba oil, macadamia nut oil, glycerin, spagyric yam essence, vegetable-based emulsifier, preservative of vegetable origin, lime essential oil, vegetable fatty alcohol, lecithin from sunflower, xanthan gum, spagyric silver essence, spagyric pearl essence, vitamin E