Hormonal Balance

Knowing about hormones helps combat the following ailments:

Hormonal reactions are thus triggered in the body:

emotionen verbindungen hormonelle reaktionen

Exercise & Sport: Noradrenalin, Testosterone…

Sex: Estrogens, Testosterone…

Cuddle: Oxytocin…

Food: Insulin, Cholsterol…

Joy & happiness: serotonin, dopamine

Stress & Learning: adrenaline, noradrenaline, dopamine…

Work: adrenaline, testosterone…

Hormones are biochemical signals and messengers produced by special cells and released into the body’s circulation. They regulate many bodily functions.

Everything we do, or even don’t do, triggers a hormonal reaction.

Hormones are reflected in our feelings. We feel this, for example, when we feel good and strong after exercise. Testosterone is responsible for this, among other things. During other activities such as sex, work, studying, etc., hormones are also released and act in different ways in our bodies.

The hormone oxytocin makes us like to cuddle, but it is also responsible for pushing contractions. What a contrast!

Tasks of hormones

hormonsystem organe

Regulation of:

Building up and breaking down of bones

Body temperature

Sleep and biorhythm

Water and energy balance

Blood pressure, heart rate and blood lipids

Growth and puberty

Salt and minerals

Sensations, moods and feelings

Promotion of:

Stress resistance


Potency and reproduction



How are hormones able to perform these multiple tasks?
As messengers, hormones have an enormous effect on our bodies and how we feel. We see how this works in the video.

Motors (Greek: “hormao” = driver)

In fat, i.e. in cholesterol, lies the “birthplace” of steroid hormones. From these, as in a cascade or waterfall, all the other hormones arise.

Each hormone by itself is very important to us. However, if deficits have already arisen at the top of the cascade, no balance can arise at the bottom.

More on this here:

Medicinal plants with progesterone character

passionsblume öl


promotes progesterone, has relaxing and decramping effects and is also said to counteract oestrogen dominance.

schafgarbe öl


contains manifold phytohormones with progesterone character.

nachtkerzen öl

Evening primrose oil

promotes tissue hormones in the body through many natural fatty acids including gamma-linoleic acid.

yamswurzel aufgeschnitten


contains "diosgenin", which has been considered a precursor of progesterone since ancient times.

With nature towards stimulating the body – to get back into your own hormonal regulation and balance.

Magic Yams

Traditionally, the yam root is very popular in South America. In Europe, meanwhile, equally appreciated, it is gladly used transdermally as a cream.

The daily application promotes the sense of one’s own body as well as sensitivity and sensuality. The Magic Yams cream also provides more patience and drive.

Yam root extract and spagyric essences from the yam root, as well as other carefully selected and coordinated natural ingredients are able to give women and men in the best age again a new attitude to life. Magic Yams allows balance and harmony to be felt again.

The entire appearance can benefit from the regenerating power of the cream.

Magic Yams is assigned to the parasympathetic nervous system.



Attractiveness, charisma and fulfillment are based on a mix of tension and relaxation, healthy eating and balance of the soul life.

Many people, whether woman or man, lack this in today’s time. Reason for this are too many environmental stresses, high demands in job and private life and too many duties, possibly paired with wrong diet and too little physical balance.

Burnout, psychological problems, loss of libido and sleep disorders are just a few consequences of such problematics.

With the Focus cream rises again the desire to do more for themselves and become active. It stimulates body and mind and gives women, but especially men, that certain something or that certain “bite” again!

Through the need for more activity, an almost forgotten lust for life can be reawakened. More movement and muscle stimulating sport stimulates the production of growth hormones and testosterone. Who is regularly active in sports, not only effectively builds up his muscles, but also improves the condition of his entire body and psyche.

TheFocus cream can be a good companion on this path and support you to get back into a pleasant balance and inner strength.


Our tip: Focus in the morning, Magic Yams in the evening

Morning: Focus

The Focus Sympathetic Power cream strengthens the inner erection through the yam. By the further
Ingredients it promotes the sympathetic nervous system. It is for men, but also for women who need more “power” to the outside and provides more willpower and libido. It improves muscle development during physical activity. This means balanced dynamism from the inside out.

Evening: Magic Yams

Our users feel a new stimulation of the body. They speak of more hormonal balance, inner upliftment and strengthening. In addition, the Magic Yams cream tunes milder, promotes their own body awareness and makes more sensitive to the essentials. Thus, it has a balancing and harmonizing effect on constant stress. The Magic Yams cream invigorates the parasympathetic nervous system.


  • Sympathetic
  • Power outward
  • Libido
  • Masculinity
  • Strength
  • Mindfulness
  • Quiet willpower
  • Offensiveness & drive
  • Can say NO


  • Parasympathetic
  • Internal erection
  • Femininity
  • Mildness & Sensitivity
  • Patience & Drive
  • Intuition & Sensuality
  • Sense of one’s own body
  • Can say NO
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