Stay in Balance

but natural!

Who are we?

Vital-Life has been dedicated with “Wo-Men in Balance” since 1995. We are a family business with a mission:

Health and vitality into old age through a natural hormone balance.

We are also supported in this by the rediscovered medicinal plant yams with its great health potential.

Hormonal imbalance can have many causes. On the following pages, we will introduce you to some ways of finding them.

Also discover our 5-point concept for a holistic hormonal balance and a resulting high quality of life.

Our philosophy


Symptoms provide important clues to the weakest link in the chain. However, we do not only want to cure symptoms, but strive for a holistic healing. Body, mind and soul are seen as one.

Immune system

We rely on the body's self-healing powers and do not want to become dependent on medication. The aim is to restart and strengthen the body's self-regulation.

Maintain vitality

We are not anti, but pro. We are not against ageing but for staying healthy and vital. We do not fight against the inevitable but positively influence what is in our power. That is far more than we realise.

The golden mean

We are not looking for the one miracle cure. Rather, we combine different approaches to find more balance, harmony and equilibrium in the long term.


We trust the ancient healing science: there is a herb for every physical problem. Nature cleverly provides us with everything we need. We should ally ourselves with it.

We are pleased that you are interested in a healthy life in balance. You will not regret it. Because we have been dealing with this topic for more than 25 years.

Our experience is: listen to yourself, pay attention to the small clues your body gives you. They will show you the way to your self-healing powers.

We know that factors such as nutrition, exercise and letting go play a major role in hormonal balance. Often all it needs is a small additional impulse. This should be natural and holistic.

Therefore, the following applies to our products:

Unsere Produkte sind ohne Zuckerzusatz
Without added sugar
Unsere Produkte sind Vegan
Unsere Produkte sind ohne Tierversuche
Without animal testing
Unsere Produkte sind Lactosefrei
Unsere Produkte sind Glutenfrei
Glas Recycling
Fresh product
Unsere Produkte sind Frischeprodukte
Unsere Produkte sind 100% Bio-Qualität
100% Organic quality


What therapists say about us

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