Sympathy Power


Get back a piece of joie de vivre.
Internal strength, self-confidence and joie de vivre grow out of a balanced hormone system.
This can be supported by plants and harmonized by a good lifestyle. For some, it is important to promote the feminine principle, the inwardly directed one (Magic Yams). For others, the outward force, the masculine principle, power is important because they have developed fears that are hard to overcome. They want more power within and more power outward, more desire to move and more courage. This applies to both genders. So that you feel figuratively strong like an oak tree, we have developed another product:

Focus Sympathetic Power

environmental stress and high demands in job and private life, perhaps paired with wrong nutrition and too little physical compensation promote burnout, psychological problems, loss of libido, sleep disorders – to name just a few examples.


Focus Cream for that certain something

With the Focus Cream rises again the desire to do more for themselves and active
to become. It stimulates body and mind and gives woman and man again more “bite”.

Feeling the need for more activity, an almost forgotten
lust for life can arise again. Through more exercise and muscle stimulating
sports, perhaps even with regular training, the production
of growth hormones and testosterone is stimulated.
Who moves, not only effectively builds up his muscles, but improves
also the condition of his entire body and psyche.

Focus cream can be a good companion on this path and support you to come back into a
well-being balance and to daily strength.
Also here we trust auf the proven yam root extract and spagyric yam essences.
In addition, we achieve with other plants such as essences from oak bark, a comprehensive
strengthening. Read more about the ingredients under our 5 points concept, keyword hormonal balance.

Tip: Use Focus Sympathetic Power in the morning and Magic Yams in the evening.

A great combination with a lot of effect.


Application: Men apply 1x daily, women apply 2x daily a stroke of the focus cream on permeable skin areas. Have proven themselves places with fine skin and fat pads. Well suited are the inner sides of the upper arms, the abdomen and the inner thighs. Per day is alternately creamed on these body parts.

Ingredients: Water, mixture of vegetable oils, macadamia nut oil, jojoba oil, vegetable fatty alcohol, glycerin, vegetable-based emulsifier, preservative of vegetable origin, olive oil, xanthan, lecithin, Vit. E/sunflower oil, spagyric gold essence (aurum potabile), spagyric saffron essence, yam root extract, earth burr thorn extract, macca root extract, passion flower (chrysin) extract, fenugreek extract, seaweed extract, lime essential oil