About us

My name is Ingeborg Klein. I am the managing director of Vital-Life. I am also a mother of two, grandmother of three and live with my husband and family in Fulda.

My childhood and youth in our extended family was shaped by guiding principles that still accompany me today: Honesty, diligence and optimism. In addition, we were brought up to be independent – our parents showed us how.

However, I was the only one of seven children who repeatedly fell ill when I was young. Even then, I intuitively refused to take medication permanently and informed myself early on about the natural healing power of nature. According to the motto: “He who seeks, finds”, I acquired extensive knowledge and was finally able to influence my health and vitality enormously positive – and without any chemicals.

I had caught fire and found my mission: Health, vitality, life balance until old age. I now wanted to share my knowledge and began to share the products that had helped me.

With more knowledge came more demands. Some ingredients could have been improved, others were completely missing or there were too many by-products or fillers. So I began, in cooperation with competent people, to take care of formulations myself, that is, new products for health.

I receive suggestions from therapists again and again, who directly recognize the need for important accompanying measures and preparations. This has resulted in a valuable collaboration – but also our extremely successful Magic Yams, our spagyric yam cream! The positive feedback from users allowed Vital-Life to grow and we were able to expand the range with more of our own products.

For 20 years now I have been in intensive exchange with therapists and alternative practitioners, give lectures and advise on the subject of hormonal balance. The combination of family and business fits together perfectly. I still have a lot of plans and look forward to new challenges.

My team

Regina Storch

Finanzen & Verwaltung

The accounting genius and our patient finance woman. She is the rock at all questions and your contact person on the phone.

Daniela Schneider


Takes orders, lovingly assembles your packages, and keeps our company in order.

Kristin Kister

Versand & Kontrolle

She joined the team in 2017 and is also the contact person for orders, packing and shipping the goods. As a mother of three children, she is there for you three days a week.

Why do you find butterflies flying on almost all our products?

Because we see the development of the human being symbolically like the development of a butterfly.
We humans also strive towards perfection, the beautiful and the light. Only through
experiences and (self)realizations do we develop further in our cocoon. This process
always needs its time and is quite in certain phases also sorrowful. Only then, when we are mature
enough and can “fly” again, feed only on sweet nectar, we have reached a
certain completion.
On this path, from the energy-consuming caterpillar to the light being “butterfly”,
we want to accompany you. Without greed and without plundering too many resources. With a lot of love for nature
and little waste.
Only if we respect nature and preserve the beauty of this earth, we may also
continue to develop on this beautiful blue planet!
And that’s what we wish you
Have fun browsing… and if you have any questions – just call, we like to communicate –
preferably via landline.