more life energy through the power of medicinal plants


Do you often feel unbalanced?

Do you want to stop taking the pill, do you want to have children, do you suffer from PMS? Are you in the menopause, as a man in the andropause or are you looking for a competent contact around the topic of hormones?

Here you will learn how the hormonal system works and what you can do in the different phases of life for the hormonal balance itself.

Health care begins with the hormones.

Support excretion

Why do people with a sick intestine often have psychological problems such as depression? Should we perhaps also think about our intestinal flora with the rapid increase in these diseases?

The terms detoxifying, purifying, deacidifying or even detox should not be used from a medical point of view, because there are no toxins in our body. We also see it that way. The body frees itself from harmful substances in many different ways. However, we should support our body regularly in this process.

with vital substances, vitamins and minerals


Why is it so important to fill up our depots?

Depots are our stores. Long-term stores are the fat cells and connective tissue. Short-term stores are, for example, the blood, the liver and muscles.

Vitamins are stored in depots for different lengths of time.

We should regularly ensure that the body gets enough vitamins and trace elements to avoid deficiencies such as fatigue, lack of concentration and loss of hair.

the natural clock

The word “lifestyle” or also “lifestyle” is on everyone’s lips. One often thinks of fashion, travel or other material things, such as cars and cell phones, but there is much more behind it.

We at Vital-Life mean something that has always accompanied people.

What do I eat and when? Are there rest periods and do they suit me? When is my active time of day and when do I go to sleep?

Taking care of our own rhythm can improve our lives enormously. That’s why it’s worth taking a closer look at our own personal internal clocks.

Feeling good through exercise

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To stay balanced, you have to keep moving.”

-Albert Einstein-